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22nd of April 2014 04:53 PM by Lois Syrek
looking for information regarding family members who were at St. Joseph's Darlington during the late 1920s and 1930s
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22nd of April 2014 04:53 PM by Christine Syphas (nee Warner)
Myself and my two Brothers stayed in a place called The Ramblers in Angmering West Sussex. I believe we were placed there by Social Services, as our Parents had TB. It was July 1953 and we were there for a year,we returned home in 1954, my older Brother and I went to the Local School in Angmering during that time, where we both made some friends who we have never seen since. My younger Brother was only 6 months old so does not recall being there. So far we have found no details about The Ramblers. Overall we were treated well by the owners the late Mr &Mrs Furlong and the Staff . Can you help us perhaps with some pictures/photos from that time.Thanking you in anticipation C.A.Syphas
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17th of April 2014 11:15 PM by david whittaker
I was in Penkhull homes, Stoke on Trent in the late 1950's / early 1960's, until being adopted in 1963. I believe I may have been fostered for a while between leaving the home & being adopted.
My name at the time was David Alexander Colclough.
I am looking for any info re my stay in the home, or whether I was indeed fostered, and if so when and by whom?
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14th of April 2014 02:16 AM by Noreen Parker
My Mother, Beatrice Powell, and her brothers were at the Cottage Homes from 1929. She left when she turned 18. Her brothers were Ted and Tom, and her little brother was John (only 2 1/2 when taken to the Cottage Homes). Although they had a large extended family, noone took them in or visited them throughout their time there (apart from Grandpad Meredith) which is hard to believe.
My Mother is now nearly 91 years old. If anyone remembers who please reply to:

Thank you.
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13th of April 2014 12:45 AM by Simone website:
I would like to get in touch with Peter Gilespie who would have been at the Great Stoney Scool in Ongar in the 50s. He attended the Catholic church, and visited our home in Shelley, He would be around 64ish, and made friends with my brother Sylvester. It would be great to hear from him as he stayed in my thoughts.
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12th of April 2014 10:56 PM by Wendy McQuilkin
My grandmother was in a Cottage Home at Tavistock villas, Tavistock Road, Yiewsley, Middlesex in 1911. I have found her on the census. I cannot find any information on the home and wondered if anyone can help me?
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12th of April 2014 12:01 AM by des. brookes
I lived in shenley fields from 1940. / 1950. With my elder brothers James William x Raymond bosworth we were all spit up I ended up in Wales ray in London William liecter
James Wolverhampton I had good times as well as bad ones I lived with Mrs parry who moved to Roundley road I remember the pet dog Peggy who was blind also the girl guides taking me camping though we were still in the grounds of shenley thanks for the memories
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4th of April 2014 04:26 PM by lucille zarouk
I am so curious to know if a date could be found relating to a short time I lived at the Home in
Broadstairs. This is all I know: my name was Lucille Freeman and I lived there, along with
my older brother, for some months in the late l950's. We don't seem to know why we were
there or for how long, although we gather it was several months. No one alive anymore to
ask so thought I would send a note. Perhaps someone has a little information. It would be
so appreciated.
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1st of April 2014 02:02 PM by Nina Alberici website:
I was at St Anne's Home, Landsdowne Road in Hove, Brighton in the late 40's onwards. We all thought my name was pronounced 'Ninna Albersy'.
Would love to hear any other memories from this time and would also like to hear from John Thompson, Theresa Rogers or Ann Wall.
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17th of March 2014 09:27 AM by Ruth Cureton website:
Willows Counselling Service in Swindon is in a building at 11 Prospect Place, Old Town that used to be a children's home. I couldn't find this home in your index. Regards, Ruth
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16th of March 2014 08:07 AM by Joanne Smith
Hi I'm looking for information, my mother and her 2 sisters were both in Medomsley Cottage homes in Shotley Bridge for several years from approx 1943-1948, my mother was Ellen and her sisters were Lily and Mary. My mother and Mary were both housed in Lilac cottage, Miss Dover was there house mother, Lily was in one of the adjourning cottages. Looking for anyone who has any information to share.
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13th of March 2014 02:50 AM by Richard Galley website:
My brother and I were living at the Coverdale Childrens home, 47 Linden Road Bognor Regis, Sussex in the 1950s. Do you have any information and/or pictures of the place. It was torn down and replaced by two storey flats in the 60s? Thank you
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10th of March 2014 02:40 PM by meralyn graham
hi I was in the haven home crystal palace in 1963 with my 5 sisters, would like to find any information on this home
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2nd of March 2014 09:44 PM by SUE
I am interested in any information on the COTTAGE HOMES, WEDNESFIELD. Particularly between the years 1914 - 1920.

My Nan and her brother were admitted in 1914 when their father was called up to war. I am interested in any stories or information about childrens experiences there.

My Nan said the treatment and punishment of children was harsh and that she was split up from her younger brother and seldom saw him.

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1st of March 2014 02:10 PM by christine henderson
We are searching for a missing sister. Our mother died in 1950 and we were all put into separate care we are looking for Mary Teresa Johnson AKA Tess Matthews born in Birmingham May 17th 1945 to Alfred and Gladys Johnson
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23rd of February 2014 10:19 PM by stephen Joseph
Hi Tammy Watts I was in care from 1963 to 1970 in Bridgend Cottage Homes known as Preswyllfa.
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19th of February 2014 11:14 PM by patricia kinchin
i am trying to find out about harold richard george. born 1920. and joined the royal navy in 1937

i cannot find him in any home, orphanage, or naval training school in these years. he left the navy in 1952 as a petty officer.
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18th of February 2014 07:41 PM by Keith Elliott
I was in Woodbine house Hornchurch from 1955 to 1963 Any other former inmates been in touch?
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14th of February 2014 12:44 PM by Helena Nwaokolo
re: message 150: The Home for Motherless Children was in Burlington Lane in Chiswick and was part of The Chiswick Mission. I believe my uncle was there in 1901 census but he was not 'motherless'!. Does anyone know how records for this era can be accessed?
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14th of February 2014 09:11 AM by r jones website:
would love to hear from former pupilswho were at Skilts Open Air School between 1958-1961 or thereabouts.
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13th of February 2014 11:46 PM by Frank Street
i am looking for a photograph of the childrens welfare offices on west derby rd, on the same side of the grafton dance hall and as you look at it on the left. can you help please.

Hi Frank
Is this Liverpool?
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11th of February 2014 09:23 PM by Tammy watts
Looking for anyone who was in cottage care homes bridgend from 1951 onwards.
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9th of February 2014 09:31 PM by Irene Kelly
would like to hear from anyone who was in Nazareth House Glasgow 1964
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5th of February 2014 03:13 PM by evette harvey
I am trying to find my house mother Miss Frances Perrin at the time when i was in the childrens home in Amos lane then moved to Bushbury in cromwell road. around 1967
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4th of February 2014 01:44 PM by lewis poole
I'm looking for the address of a children's home it was called northhall place

Do you know roughly whereabouts in the country it was? Or what organisation ran it?
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3rd of February 2014 05:37 PM by virginia sammut website: http://facebook
Hi ,i was in Derby House in 1980...I have twin brothers David And Paul who were with me...if any one remembers me you can find me on facebook :) I would like to wish you all a great future and hope life is treating you well <3 godbless <3
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3rd of February 2014 05:32 PM by virginia sammut website: http://facebook
Just like to wish everybody whowas in Kerr and Derby house's all the best for the future and hope life is treating you good..... <3
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2nd of February 2014 07:28 PM by Kerry O'Shaughnessy
Hi I was in Kerr House and Derby house( Cottage homes ) in Portsmouth from 1973 for being unruly (which is unreal) think it was more to do with the fact my mum left us and my dad was bringing us up . Our home was a terrible mess, Had some sad times and some un happy times too . When i left Derby house i went to Littlefold children home. My name was Masters. Mr and Mrs prosser were in charge of Kerr house when i was there and a Richard N..... too . Derby house was Stan and Pam mason . Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me , I can be contacted at .
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2nd of February 2014 06:17 PM by Pauline website:
I would love to hear from Angela burns or could be spelt Byrnes, she was the houseparent at 2a orchard side of the cottage homes in erdington, if anyone knows of her whereabouts., as I would love to contact her, thanks
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2nd of February 2014 06:15 PM by patricia phillips/nee moriarty
Looking for info on Nazerth House Lenton Nottingham
How to get records of time spent there,also name of the outside school the children went too.
any help would be most welcome.
Thank You Ex Nazaerth Imate x

Hi Patricia. Details about where to apply for records are here

Good luck with your search.
Former Children's Homes website
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1st of February 2014 01:29 PM by Maxine Sherrard Arrington
I was in the cottage homes in Leicester.. number 3 with Terry and Christine Crann...
Cindy K....., Danny W....... were in there at the same time....
Does anyone know if Terry and Christine are still alive??

Post number:
1st of February 2014 12:23 PM by linda bate
Hi my name was Linda Jinks, I lived in Fairlawns from 1969 to 1973 with Mr & Mrs Byrne. I would love to hear from anyone who was there that remembers me. One of the worse things was having no photographs of my time there, of the friends I had there or knowing where they went, how they were, what they are doing now. Eventually I obtained my records from social services, despite the effort it took to get them they told me little, over 80% had been redacted and my entire 5 year period was covered in 5 sentences...... I was fortunate in the sense that I made a life for myself and kept contact with a member of staff who was a tremendous support for me and does so to this day. I did in fact meet up with the houseparents, Mr & Mrs Byrne some years later and kept contact until their deaths, I also
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1st of February 2014 02:15 AM by deborah
hello out there, is anyone familiar with MEDOMSLEY childrens home before it was a detention centre, its in county durham, im desperate to find something about it but seem to be getting nowhere,,,,,thank you debbie

Hi Debbie
I have put Medolmsley on this site under the name Shotley Bridge Cottage Homes. There are some links to more information.
All good wishes
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27th of January 2014 01:23 PM by Helen Hart
Hi I was in Nazareth House Bristol in 1960. I have recently traced my birth mother and I am now trying to find out about the home ie what the Nuns were like what the building looked like and any other general information on the home which has now been knocked down.
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23rd of January 2014 02:36 PM by Caz Gotham website:
We are looking for any information on the Bateman siblings, who were all in Penkhull Cottage Homes Stoke on Trent from 1920's on wards there were George, Jim, John, Harry, Mary, Sarah, Lily and Mae. These are all now deceased and our mum was Sarah and we would appreciate any infomation you could give us
The Daughters of Sarah Bateman
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21st of January 2014 08:07 PM by Kathy Mason
Looking for information on Chase Farm School. I have found my grandmother listed on the 1911 census as an inmate there. I did buy the book My life at Chase Farm School which was written by a male inmate at the same time my grandmother was there. There were four kids who were inmates and the mother was in Edmonton Workhouse which I gather was attached. My grandmother was Rose May Atkins born 1905 and came to Canada in 1913.
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20th of January 2014 03:53 PM by Carol Grimer
Recently discovered my Grandmother and her sister were in the orphanage CONVENT OF THE LADY OF FIDELITY, UPPER NORWOOD ,according to the 1911 census. Granny was FLORENCE ANNETTA GARDNER Born 1900, her sister was KATHLEEN MARY Born 1902. We know their mother died 1905, but nothing about their father. Any information about why they were there, would be gratefully received. Have tried emailing the sisters @ virgofidelis but had no reply
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16th of January 2014 06:03 PM by Pauline website:
Hi, I was Pauline Goddard also known as freeman, I was in erdington cottage homes in the 196o,s, we were in the first house just inside the main gate, the house mum was Anne and her husband Brian, I was there with my brothers and sisters, billy, Patricia, Stephen and Patrick and myself, the other children there were a Sylvia, Robert, Kenneth, Anita, Edward o Malloy, and aunts Mary, who was lovely, I remember the taxi parties and my infant school, I had 2 sisters living in the home opposite, Susan and Gwendoline, I loved living there, I was very happy there, we went on holidays to Ludlow, I,m sure the house parents were mr & Mrs Byrnes, they had a son called Dominic and a daughter named Rebecca, if anyone remembers me or any of my brothers and sisters, I would really love to hear from you
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13th of January 2014 07:18 PM by Anthony crane website: http://lorrainetony@btinternet. com
When I was born in 1944 I was in pembury hospital in a iron lung I also was in callipers because I had deformed legs after that I remember going into a nuns home for a short period this was around the end of 1940s. I think it was called Hambleton
Please have you any ideas about this
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13th of January 2014 05:53 PM by ian whiteoak website: http://&#8617;
I was inst. Christopher's orthange derby from 1955until 1960 ?
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13th of January 2014 04:03 PM by martin cullen website:
was woundering if there is anything or one that i can contact as regards to abouse in nazarath house glasgow in the 1960s as there must be records of my abuse as police were involved at the time thank you for your time martin cullen ps my email ad is

Hi Martin
Please see our page on Nazareth House - this gives details of who to contact about records:
I wish you luck in your search
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11th of January 2014 09:04 PM by Tony Pearsall
Hi Responding to message from Gwen Goddard,,me and my siblings were in home 4 [The Haven] Erdington Cottage homes, the Pearsalls,,i remember Gwen and im sure she'd remember my brothers and sisters [Carole n Patty] who were nearer her age..House parents Mr n Mrs Whitney [mom n dad] Auntie Beat etc..If Gwen wants to get in touch feel free to include my email address..Tony Pearsall....
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11th of January 2014 01:10 PM by gwen hutchinson website:

I was in home 4 with mr and mrs weathley he was the cobbler.
I went to the national junior school in Erdington village
I don't remember what age I was when I went there I was placated with my sister Susan and bill when I was nine years old we were sent home to our mother then returned to the children's to home 12 a year later.
I would love to find anyone to talk about memories find children we grew up with.
my maiden name was Gwen. Goddard. I went to Feltham road girls school was very sporty.
I live in Essex was born in birmingham
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10th of January 2014 05:19 PM by deborah payne
We are trying to find out more about Lynton Childrens Convalescent home in Devon? My father in law Albert Saunders was sent there aged about 3 in 1918. He suffered was rickets,was illegitimate and born in lslington workhouse. lt appears that he was abandoned in the workhouse and sent down to Devon from London to recouperate. .He was fostered from the home into a family called Marks who lived in Gittisham,Devon,to be a companion for their daughter.
Does anyone know anything about Lynton Childrens Home,and who ran it? Was it a church,or charity? Was it normal for a child to be sent so far away from their birthplace? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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6th of January 2014 02:40 PM by Jeanette Kelly
My mother's mother died in 1922 in Walton Hospital. My mother's, her daughter's birth, was not recorded because she was so ill before she died. My mother was recorded as being resident at Fazakerley Cottage Homes from 1929 but I don't know where she was resident between 1922 when her mother died and 1929. Anybody out there able to advise?

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3rd of January 2014 08:20 PM by alison bagnall
Looking for information regarding Harold Carter (born 1940 in Halifax), sent to Crossley and Porter Orphanage, Halifax in 1945. As an adult he was known as Kenneth Harold Carter. Thanks
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29th of December 2013 10:45 AM by Sheila Robbins
I have been told that the house I want to buy was formerly a children's home. I am trying to find out any information. The house in question is : Avalon, Westhampnett Road, Chichester West Sussex PO10 7HP
Post number:
27th of December 2013 10:32 AM by derrick smith
I WAS IN A CHILDRENS HOME IN BIRMINGHAM FROM 1953/1962 the childrens home was in clopton rd and was run by mrs Gordon does anyone have any info or photos hoping to hear from someone derrick

Hi Derrick
Have you seen this?

Sorry it's such a long web address!
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19th of December 2013 08:45 PM by Maureen Ball
My brother has just told me about your site so I thought I'd take a look.

Around 1918-1920 our late Father Christopher Reid aged about 5/6 years of Hornby Street and his brother Joseph Reid aged about 10 years (same address) were put into the Cottage Homes Fazakerley by their Auntie Mary when their mother (my grandmother) was taken into Brownlow Hill Hospital after falling ill.

My brother and I are family historians and would love to find out if any photographs exist of our relatives from back then plus any if records might be available for viewing.

Dear Maureen

Please see our page on Fazakerley for details on the records available